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Granite is one of the best selling natural stones across the nation as well as worldwide. Being that it is a natural stone even when searching for any particular color each slab will have its own unique pattern or veining giving it that one of kind look. Granite is extremely durable making it difficult to scratch even with the sharpest of objects. However it is porous with some being more than others, which can lead to staining in lighter colors. To combat this issue it is recommended to properly seal with a granite sealant to avoid any staining while also making sure to clean it's surface often. Granite is a natural stone that has a very high tolerance to heat making it perfect for daily kitchen use.

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Martini on Marble


Unique Designs

Marble is a natural stone that is very beautiful in nature. Like granite it is a very durable stone in terms of strength however it is susceptible to scratches from sharp items making it more ideal for locations where it will not come into contact with sharp objects such as restrooms for vanities. Marble is also very heat resistant just like its granite counterpart.


Top Seller

Quartzite is a beautiful stone in its own right, whilst also being quite durable. These natural stones tend to be on the lighter side when compared to granite making them an easy target for staining if one is not careful. It is highly recommended that these stones be sealed not only properly but often as well.

Marble Surface
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Luxury Counters

Quartz is a mixture of natural stone and a man-made resin. Unlike Granite and Marble it is not very heat resistant due to the polymer used to create the countertop. On the bright-side Quartz is in fact non pour-us making it stain proof from any liquids.

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